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Big Brain Wolf game Help a Big Brain Wolf become the genie he`s always wanted to be in this Brain Teaser game! Forget huffing and puffing, this vegetarian wolf would much rather use his brain to get ahead and save the day. Listen to your genie mentor and solve tricky brain teasers to fulfill your destiny and get Mother Wolf out of jail! Explore a wacky fairy tale world filled to the brim with new twists on your favorite classic characters. The game also produces a music session of higher standards similar to that one made before. A carousel-style musical theme for the game is full and fantastic. Do not miss the game!
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Big Brain Wolf - PC game download Big Brain Wolf - PC game download
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Here you can download a demo version of Big Brain Wolf game for free with 1 hour expiry date of a trial period. It means that after 1 hour playing you must pay us $6,99 or uninstall our game. It is conformed to Windows OS. The version, presented at our site, is proved from any viruses and spies, so you can download it without any worries. Besides this will take you only few minutes, if you have Cable/ADSL connection. Take our Big Brain Wolf game here and enjoy it every free minute of your time!