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Alien Hallway game Control the entirety of Earthâ€s army and defend the planet from the green invaders in Alien Hallway, a fun Action and Strategy game! The fate of all mankind is in your hands as you try to destroy the evil aliens before they demolish Earth! Upgrade your base and units to improve your troops and give Humanity a fighting chance! Blast your way through countless enemies and save the day in Alien Hallway! Good musical effects of the game and its background music (sound track) written in a witty style allow you to relax during the game, and gives the humorous style to it, so the process of the game is performed to be more lighthearted. This game is absolutely amazing. Download it and see for yourself...
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Alien Hallway - PC game download Alien Hallway - PC game download
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Here you can download a demo version of Alien Hallway game for free with 1 hour expiry date of a trial period. It means that after 1 hour playing you must pay us $6,99 or uninstall our game. It is conformed to Windows OS. The version, presented at our site, is proved from any viruses and spies, so you can download it without any worries. Besides this will take you only few minutes, if you have Cable/ADSL connection. Take our Alien Hallway game here and enjoy it every free minute of your time!